Wednesday, May 25, 2005

more details

acerca de la fiesta... (no seas vago/a y lee!!!)

Hello CC & MM!

We are glad you two are coming to the party(House Party Number three!).
Looking forward to seeing you two again. To answer your questions;
definately no pictures, everyone likes their privacy just like the clubs.

The way to imagine the party is a living room with section sofa's like the
back room lounge at Trapeze accept everyone starts with their clothes on; no
towels. So everyone comes by, has drinks, talks, and then usually the girls
start the party after an hour or so and they start taking each others
clothes off and then once they start playing, I throw two large mattress
down in the center of the sectional sofas and then it is like the back room
at Trapeze and then everyone starts playing.

The big difference between the party and trap is that at the party,

the average age is around 30 while at Trap the average age is around 45.
So it is a big difference in age. And also, unlike trap, every couple at the
party looks good and every couple at the party is
full swap(no soft swap couples). And of course no single guys.

In theory, a party like this could become an orgy. But party one and two
were not like an orgy but like the orgy rooms at trap because some couples
were with other couples but every couple was not with every couple. But
everyone there is very comfortable with the lifestyle so you do not have to
be shy about hitting on couples because they are there for the fun. There
will be about 7 couples there total.

Here are the directions:.....

Si voy... les cuento
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